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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Project

I invented a new way to play the clarinet today, and completed my article on "The Use of the Letter Z in the name of Mezz Mezzrow."

In other news, my fictional creation John Akre continues to work on his animated feature film, "Wargoon Flishe." He began work at the first of January, and has about 25 minutes animated so far in his primitive animation style.

I have been watching him over his shoulder. He has made many documentary projects but not so many animation projects, and certainly not a feature length animation. In his documentary projects he thinks he tries to empathize with his subjects in some way, even tho that is completely impossible. To attempt to empathize with the fictional animated characters he is creating, he has charged me to make him into a fictional animated character. In this online document, I will try my best to bring some sort of sense of life to his flat two dimensional sketchness.

On Saturday evening, he impersonated a human drawing and saw some of the animation directly scratched on film that a friend of his composed. The friend's name is T. Adams. The fictional Mr. Akre wrote this poem about the experience and has asked me to post it in this report.

Echoes are sound
but their shaking is eyeball
echoes are people
whose blood runs our lines
echoes are words
that were spoken in childhood
that map all our snapshots
that spell out our light

hands cupped for listening
to hear all the pictures
to hear all the sunshine
that turned green in fading
face squeezed for windows
and soft walking into
the claims of dimension
that sometimes ignore me.

i have the lines
the electric of soul
the lightning of giving
the circle of path
i have the edges
the thick thin and middle
the trace and reversal
brain spastic of ink.

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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