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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

costume ball

i got an invite to the costome ball
it came in an envelope
an invitation to the ball
was, perhaps, my greatest hope
but then i had to think about
the costime i was to wear
so i dressed up for the costume ball
as my own full head of hair

i went as my hair to the costume ball
i used paper mache
to make all of my hair follicles
this might be the best way
it took me some time to get it right
the color and texture and flair
when the cat jumped into my costume
i told it to get out of my hair

i went as my hair to the costume ball
i knocked on the door twice
i expected a few good ooh's and aah's
i thought that would be nice
but all i heard were gasps and groans
you know that this is true
for everyone dressed up as my hair
including barney and you


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