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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Dr. Zork here. Yesterday I continued my progress in my new method of playing the clarinet, but I must speak of that later for today I am charged by the fictional Akre to report on his animation project.

He is learning by making. He is reading books on animation to see what he is doing wrong as he is doing it. He has three animation techniques that he is using to create his omnivorous animation universe, and these are, the After Effects method, the Photoshop method, and the Locatiamator method.

Today I will expound briefly for him on the concept of Locatiamation.

Simply, if anything can ever be considered simple, Locatiamation is the science of animating on location. This allows the animator to breathe the fresh or polluted air and to see the sunshine now and then. Animation can be a lonely indoor process. Locatiamation can make it a lonely outdoor process too.

Locatiamation, as practiced by the fictional Mr. Akre, is very simple. He makes animated frames on post it notes and then places them on a piece of glass. The real world acts as a frame outside the post it note frame of animation. The animator is in effect animating his own box world of yellow and the real world as well in frame.

His animation style is all very simple. He is making cave paintings to go with his cave story. More on the story in coming entries.

Enough of technique. Now it is time for the pome of the day project. This time it is by me, the brilliant Dr. Zork. It could be a lyric for beautiful jazz music, it might be something that you have to read and I have to type. Do not spend too much time on it. Skip over it as if it were sixty frames per second.

it is not the movement
the action, the act, the wiggle
it is not the trip across the screen
in lead feet
or the cyclorama motion pose
it is not the movement
that tells the world in stride
so what happens
if we all stand still
the legs the time the landscape
while the frames still shuffle
all their cards

there is something
in the in between
if you hold that ocean
do you trip over your crazy shoes
is there a motion
in the brainwaves of this
or only a happy wave
and maybe a bounce.

Written with sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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