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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Dr. Hubert Zork is the master of these words, is the voice inside your head as you skim across this screen. John Akre is the fiction of which he writes, is the animator who Zork shall animate with these words of diary.

Once again Akre found some bits of time inside his larger more meaningful day to find some time to animate and skipped from page 27 to page 28 of his script. He has finished rendering a talking scene and is now at work on a chorus. This chorus is like the chorus of a greek play, in which the actions of the preceding scene are commented upon in a memory way, in a dream song silly method. For the choruses he makes note card animations that are more symbollic than anything else.

He has just finished creating a set of notecards and is waiting for his computer to render another scene before he scans the notecards into ones and zeroes and manipulates and colors them and turns them into video frames in the Photoshop program. There is a small pile of notecards that he shall divide into three sections for three perhaps sections of his chorus.

He has only a page and a half of script left before finishing the primary animation of the first half of his animated feature film. He fears that things will slow down soon as his paying job is getting much busier. The seasons are also changing, and rains are bringing on the beginnings of Minnesota spring. Being that he is an enthusiastic but mostly clueless gardener, he will soon be spending more time among the greenery, and that will also certainly slow down the animation activities.

He also wants to spend some time rewriting his script. He has to do something a little different with his upcoming movie scene, tho he is not sure exactly what it is he wants out of it.

Now it is time for the Pome of the Day. I hope you will read it, if you are even listening.

there it is
my basement dream
the corridors
the amazing carpet

there it is
all quiet and green
or was it gray
or is it water

there it is
as dark as crevice
and standing over
who knows the danger

there it is
all in one motion
all in one ocean
and now the taste

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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