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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This is Dr. Hubert Zork, jazz clarinetist and piercing music critic. I am reporting here on the animation exploits of my fictional adventure hero, J. Akre. Mr. Akre is working on a feature length animated film, and I am here to report his daily diary of victories and issues.

This last day of February marks the end of his second month of animation production on this project. It is true that the writing and thinking portion of the process date back to 2005, even 2002, if you want to be exact. At milestones like this, there is both a certain sense of accomplishment and doubts that rise to the stormy sea surface.

Akre has already created more than 30 minutes of animation. He is more than a third of the way thru the story he is telling. Certainly that is an accomplishment. But there are also doubts. Is the story he is animating worth all the work that he is putting into this project? Will he even finish it? The production period is a long one for him. He likes to do things quickly and get them over with, and his mind is already wandering into projects that he would like to do upon the completion of this one, if there is a completion. Will his drive to finish it leave it shoddy, or less than what it could be? That is almost a certainty if I, the cynical Dr. Zork, have to call it at this point.

But there is more animation to be done, and tho yesterday was a dry day for animation, he plans to do much work this evening, after his day of paid work duties has ended.

And now it is time to erase this haze of doubt and move on to the Pome of the Day project. Here is today's pome:

the polar bears are in the seas
the ice beneath them melts
our global scale domestic whacks
are showing numerous welts

how fast can animals evolve
not fast enough to talk
we could lend ear to read their souls
but that's too far to walk

the forests will not save our skins
if we think trees are dumb
the hardest thing of all to say
is what makes us so numb

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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