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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


He did find some animation time yesterday, despite it being a very busy day. This is Dr. Zork, and I am reporting on the animation of the fictional Akre.

He drew and animated a short segment of the marketing department hard at work. The animation shows one worker sitting at a notebook computer while another hammers a spike into the back of his head. Each strike of hammer on spike releases a string of symbols, of advertising slogan possibilities.

Whether an audience will even be able to read this is unknown to the unknown animator. But it does not really matter so much to him. The animation will be short, and can also play just as well as visual noise, as visual sound. That is somewhat his intention as the movie heads deeper into its second half. It has to release itself from time to time from the rubber bands of narrative. But how he is going to do that he does not yet understand completely.

There will be little new animation the next few days. But here is the Pome of the day.

reason sleeps
upon the hay
forgets the time
forgets the day

truth and justice
in a spat
to prove a point
a baseball bat

logic cannot
find the place
missing a compas
lost in space

locked in the keys
and suffers from
a rare disease

while love is drowing
in the pool
that grandstand dive
was not so cool

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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