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Monday, March 13, 2006

half two

Dr. Zork is here buried under feet of snow. I am out in the blizzard conditions to relay to you the latest daily chapter in the animation exploits of my fictionally created animator character, whose name happens to be one John Akre. He did work yesterday on his animated feature film by the name of one Wargoon Flishe, and managed to even finish principle animation on the first half of his script.

As he animated the last scene of the section, he made the text slowly migrate into the visual sphere as the words played by on the track of sound. He made one last series of note cards to animate the sun taking over the sign. This is the clue and this is the key, and this is the way that you end a chapter.

He rode ahead, examining his manuscript. He has the second half of the story to tell, both in telling and in vision. He made some changes, he did some cutting. He cut out swaths of word forest to reduce the size. He made his third section into a slim 11 pages. And he even began the animation of such.

He made a new set. A house of parts and the road between that and the office building. He even made some primitive animations upon it. A new chapter is beginning. He has begun it with the first strike.

He thought about the end of the third section, the movie within the movie. He thought about himself, his own role as animator and god of voice. Perhaps he can be killed and eaten. Fiction can be made more fictional. Perhaps he will have to put X's on his own eyes. We shall see in the upcoming months of animation and waiting.

Here it is, the Pome of the Day,

if we had
the same story
and an animal
did it
now that would be a story

if we had
the same story
and a chair
and a table played it
that would be an adventure

if we had
the same story
and a thumbtack
was the hero
now that would be some tale

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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