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Monday, September 18, 2006

utility song

when you feel all down and so weather and blue
there is only one thing that you really should do
you should open your mouth despite all the sores
and also in sleep you can do it in snores
and sing out the song that i will say to you
sing it ippilty oppilty moo moo moo

when far is so farther and near is so too
and there is nobody as exposed as you
when up is much higher and down is so deep
the things that you want aren't the things that you keep
sing loudly this song if you know what to do
sing out ippilty oppilty coo coo coo

if you are a bump and there is no log
if you are a freckle and there is no hog
if you are a machine and there is no cog
if your old bedroom is now part of a bog
give your nose and your ears a good talking to
tell them ippilty oppilty boo boo boo

you don't have a care or a kiddle for thee
you don't have a lock but you do have a key
you don't have a fastener to tighter your shoe
but i'm going to tell you exactly to do
just open your kneecaps and bottlecaps too
sing so ippilty oppilty noo noo noo


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