Wargoon Flishe Watch

including the Pome of the Day Project

Thursday, September 14, 2006


they told me once, they told me twice
i didn't clearly hear
you fill it out, you stamp it twice
and then you put it here

you keep your papers in a row
don't put them in the slot
you count how many sides each has
and tie it in a knot

you punch your fist thru form 2B
this year they made it easy
form 2C is a vomit bag
in case you're feeling queasy

once all the paperwork is filled
stay in your island cell
you will receive a ticket home
if you treat the guards well

if you remain supremely still
they'll tell you what you've done
and if they don't, just go with it
pretend that it is fun

and if you rot for years and years
don't blame it all on you
the torturers might treat you rough
but they've got to work too


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