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Monday, October 30, 2006

silverware party

all the utensils came to the soiree
held by the fork and the spoon
they partied in their silverware drawer
under a serving plate moon

the bowls came down, the cups came too
the napkins and their rings
they danced around the centerpiece
and talking of dinner things

they reminisced on breakfast
parodied the dinner prayer
speculated on the placemats
and what would the silver wear

the knife arrived at midnight
see, he was the spoon's old ex
he got quite drunk from tarnish-off
his muscles he did flex

he challenged the fork to a duel
fork only made a cough
knife got quite blustery when
fork told him to fork off

knife tried to cut the night in half
but drinking made him dull
the salt and pepper kicked him out
and so ended the lull


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