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Friday, February 24, 2006

after after more

In this hit and missive, I will continue to expound upon the animation Akre's fictional attempts to use the After Effects program for his animation process. I began this train in the previous report, which is actually the one beneath this one. This convention of blogs I find most bothersome. The arc is not from the beginning to the end, but instead the end rests upon the beginning, and so your eyes must fall from the ending and down into a beginning direction if you desire knowledge of the precedent.

He creates a composition in the program with his paper doll Photoshop file with layers and then uses keyframes to move a layer or two. This composition is then nested into another composition, composition into composition as if it were jazz music. Tweedee on the clarinet. But it is not jazz, instead it is color and shape.

Last night he created mouth movement in his characters. One character, Barleyparsons, has a circle shape for a mouth. He adjusted the shape with keyframes to match the waveform of her talking. He tried reading the script with his own mouth and felt if his mouth went flat or vertical, and tried to match this on the circle of Baleyparson's mouth, and sometimes he went against the real for cartoon effect. The other talking character, Wargoon, has a mouth that is a hinge. It is either closed or open, like a door, or sometimes in between. That is how two boxes talk. Into the larger scene he will place these talking puppets.

He creates a great composition far larger than screen size and then bites out DV aspect ration chunks of that larger composition. Within this larger canvas this he can do virtual camera moves, zooms and tilts and pans. It is all about nesting. It sounds like it is all for the birds.

It sounds as nonsense as these blog layers upon layers. I can almost feel the weight of the future upon the past that today will turn into. The future is above me. The past is below me. I must be buried. I must be already dead, even tho I am only a fictional character invented to report on another fictional character who may have been the inventor of me.

I must stop before I begin, even tho the beginning is really somewhere invisible up above me. It is high time, methinks, for the Pome of the Day Project. Here it is.

is movement
that stillness
is movement
there is a shiver
in that statue
watch the blue sky

there is stillness
in motion
watch that runner
in midflight
see the jet plane
as period
watch my jawbone
squeeze out silence

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Huber Zork


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