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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

backstory continued

I have the bad news to tell you that there was no time for animation yesterday, and will be not time again today, because of long work hours undertaken by my fictional character in his fictional real job. So it is up to me, Dr. Zork, to instead regale you with tales of the fictional animation past of the fictional animator Akre.

Early animation attempts involved sheets of paper, probably unused church bulletins, with images drawn in crayon. There was one sheet that was a background and other sheets cut up for characters, props, etc. Arms and legs were cut out so that they could be moved frame by frame.

When he moved to Billing, MT (these early animations were created on the living room carpeted floor of his house in Powell, WY) he tried some animation of cutouts from catalogs and magazines, but never finished a film from these. When he received as a gift a super 8 camera with an actual single frame exposure, he made a finished film, Life on Zork. Up intil this time he simply pressed quickly on the button of his regular 8 camera to make a short exposure before making the next move of his paper subject. Now he could actually click a button to make a one frame exposure, and smooth out his jerky animation work.

Life on Zork was made with pieces cut out of construction paper. Akre's theory, which is of course incorrect, is that I am a fictional character and that he is real, and that my genesis came from the name of this animated planet.

But I will not stand for that, and so I bring to you the Pome of the Day Project.

father sunshine on my head
sees my eyes and grows my bread

mother air is all around
and holds me up on brother ground

sister silence listens me
so i will dare her carefully

cousin life, I share your ways
and will respect you all my days.

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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