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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Dr. Zork is the author of these words. John Akre is the subject of this verbal assault. His animation project, Wargoon Flishe is the subject of his free time. That is why and where and how and who. These are the words in which I shall relate.

Of course I would much rather be dazzling you with a jazz article about why Lester Young played the oldies, but I will leave behind that radio station dream, and not have to program the next two hours with such sweet music. Instead, I will relate to you the fictional Akre's animation diary.

Yesterday morning he did finish the chorus at which he was at work when I was writing this disgrace below, or before. But then he had work, his paid job, and got no more animation work done.

As he nears completion of the first half of his project, he hopes to take some time for reflection. So I will take some time as well.

First, a word about perspective. When he wrote his novel, The Epic of Wargoon Flishe, the novel on which this animated feature is based, he decided to play around with tense. He decided to associate tense not with time, but with character. Some characters were dead. They would be referred to with past tense. Some characters were living. He refers to them in present tense. This meant that in some sentences, tense would shift from past to present depending on what a character requires. He made this even more confusing by decreeing that some characters, tho they were alive, were really dead inside, and would always require past tense. So for example, Botulism, who is one of the few characters who does not end up dying somewhere in the book, is always past tense because he is the Dick Cheney of the ensemble, the cold capitalist with the death inside.

I was going to also write to you about the visual equivalent of this fluidity of tense, but perhaps instead I will do that later and leave you now with the pome of the day project.

sound is a wave
a wave is hello
hell low is not high
which is much too far to go

to go is not wait
a weight is not light
a light is not dark
d'ark is much too big to park

a park can be green
and green means you want
a want is not to have
sliced precisely from twice the whole

a hole is a blank
a blank is to mark
and Mark makes a word
which locks his feelings safe and sound

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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