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Saturday, September 02, 2006

bus ride to bill

we rode the bus to the top of the hill
we had to go there in search of bill
we rode it down to the bottom too
and there we found joan and her left shoe

we rode the bus all over a frog
responding to the orders of a fuzzy dog
we rode the bus to an eskimo smile
it took us mile after mile after mile

we rode the bus inside of a whale
and there we found roy and horse and dale
we rode the bus thru the eye of a pin
that's how we found the long lost twin

we rode the bus to spain and back
to deliver a message addressed to jack
we rode the bus thru a vat of glue
and that's where we ran into you

we rode the bus till our feet were sore
we rode it thru the first and second world war
we rode the bus with all our might
and so passed the day, and so passed the night


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