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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

upside down today

i think i'll go upside down today
i'll walk on my head and there i'll stay
if someone is kind or uncouth
i'll give them a wink with my mouth
i'll tell them a story about pie
i'll talk with my left and my right eye

i think i'll reverse from noon to night
because today wrong feels slightly right
and if i forget my own name
i'll say it backwards just the same
and if i lose powers of speech
i will fake by eating a peach

some day i will return to right side up
it makes it easier to sip from a cup
but in the meantime now
i'll stub my forehead ow
and i will look you in the toe
and tell you where you might just go
my kneecaps don't know how to frown
when i live today upside down


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