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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

ten fabulous finishes

she thought there would be glamour but there was only toast instead, she thought there would be ribbons, and violets growing out of heads, she thought there would be stillness so she could wonder at the stars, she didn't know that everybody hung out at the bars.

she had a bag of groceries, and she tied it in her hair. she started on her way but she made sure she wasn't there. she took a pair of dancing steps so she could reach the height. it didn't happen yesterday, it all took place tonight.

she didn't ponder heavy things, she didn't ponder light. she didn't answer yes or no, nor even wrong nor right. she had a firm equation and she wrote it in a book. she didn't start by listening or taking just one look. she had to do some advertising, writing it on paper, and that is how she started and she ended this whole caper.


Blogger Rev. Barking Nonsequitor said...

You might like to experience this:


-find "philippe Decoufle"
-find "La Galerie" (the spiral shape)
-find "Des videos"

Le P'tit Bal
Le Solo

11:46 PM  

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