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Monday, March 27, 2006

the movies

This is Dr. Zork, and I am not about to write to you about the uses of the harmonium in early jazz recordings, I am here to write to you the never-ending story of the fictional animator Akre and his attempts to bring to life his vision of a feature-length animated film about his fictional character Wargoon Flishe.

Yesterday he animated in the morning and into the afternoon. It was a Sunday, and tho he awoke groggy, he felt the itch and the need to begin right away.

During this day he animated two sections of his script. He animated a fictional green screen fake movie, with Wargoon Flishe battling the horses and vermin of movie House of the Dead as his friend Gladweary looked on, nodding his head at the impudence of it all. He also animated a chorus that brought to an end this section of the movie.

He has been animating scenes in the Boom office building since before this daily account was started. He has been animating scenes in this animation set since mid February. But now it is time to create a new set, a movie theatre set ready for a premiere. That will be his next step. I will pass along more information about that when we have crossed that bridge.

In the afternoon he went with his sweetie to a program of Academy Award nominated shorts for this year. He was impressed by the color and line in many of these pieces. Of course, he left with a slight feeling of inadequacy about his own pale animation attempts.

That is enough animation diary for today, for any day. Now is the time for the Pome of the Day.

a beeping comes across the sky
or where does it come from
loud and short
or who is that talking
in such short syllables
it could be a sign
it must have a meaning
some significance
to its annoying steadiness

land ho!
the beep makes the dark to light
delivers the dream nonsense
a fatal blow
it is the alarm clock
come to save the day
or start it out
you never know

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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