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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Dr. Zork. Animation diary. Fictional animator named John Akre. Latest report.

Some animation at the end of the day. A scene of picking a flower when the theatre audience expects a gun to fire. Their disappointment. A flower stand. And then the computer renders the scenes over the night.

When the fictional animator was younger, he made clay animation films. Around the time of The Monument and The Terrorists, two of his Hibling films made around 8th and 9th grade, he made The Sower for a Sunday school class. This was an illustration of the New Testament parable that starred Harrinson, one of his Hibling characters. That summer he discovered home film processing and made two short Hibling films in black and white. One was called The Intruder, or something like that, and the other was called Gone With the Paycheck. The Hiblings had descended in parody, and the series was dying out.

He also, somewhere between ninth and tenth grade, had grand plans for an animated film set to Ravel's La Valse, that was about a whole planet and civilation under invasion. He made a few test scenes, animating the crowds of clay figures he made waddling thru the cardboard city he created, but that is as far as he got. His animation career, so early on, was already somewhat dying out. He made one more animated film toward the end of his high school career. That was called Return of the Hiblings, but I will speak of that at another time.

Talking about time. Now it's that for the Pome of the Day Project.

our minds, our plans, our histories
like roads on maps to trace
are etched just like a formula
to find inside a face

a face can be an instrument
a face can be a plan
a face can say the essence
of the woman or the man

a face can bear the weather
and the critic's harshest looks
a face can fill the TV frame
or pages of some books

there's only one in all the world
in all of outer space
your address of uniqueness
is so written in your face

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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