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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Dr. Hubert Zork here, and I am not about to write about why jazz bands always have male musicians and female vocalists, but instead I must write to you more of the ongoing animation adventures of the fictional animator Akre.

Yesterday was Saturday, so he ripped into and down on page 37 of his script. He finished animating the restaurant scene and also did a locatiamation shoot of Wargoon singing at the sun and the clouds.

He came upon a small but useful animation revelation yesterday. He had a problem. He wanted to have Stripesmaybe write in her notebook on the table while the rest of her body was under the table. So he realized that he could cut the arm off of the rest of her to put it, solo, on a higher level of the layer stacking. It was brutal, but it worked. The lesson is that sometimes fictional characters must be truncated and re-assembled for fictional justice.

Also yesterday, Akre played back some recently rendered scenes and saw a small mistake. A notebook was on top of wine glasses, while the opposite should have been. So he had to go back to his composition, restack, and re-render.

Later in the day he worked in his garden, and then went with his sweetie to see the symphony. They listened to a sparkling Mahler Symphony No. 1, which is not jazz, but is very fine, even according to me, Dr. Zork.

Enough of that fiction. Here is the Pome of the Day Project.

two of us
we live in a circle
we wear the same shoe
how do you do

two of us
feed insects their buzzing
and flowers their dew
which we can brew

two of us
eat sideways on sundays
and cook tuesday stew
from things we grew

two of us
wash our faces in starlight
because of the view
and this is true

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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