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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Dr. Zork is here, but I am not going to write to you a stunning jazz article like "Why Miff Mole had good reason to be miffed," which is one of the many jazz articles I am dying to write. Instead I must give you another episode in the animation diary of the fictional animator John Akre, a character I created to create me and so forth.

Yesterday there was no animation activity, and there was precious little the day before, but today is Saturday, and the sun is shining. Today he will try to do the lociamation that he drew on Wednesday night, and some other work that will bring him close to the end of the third section of his script. He also must work next on the famous scene where his fictional character nonchalantly offs him.

Thursday night he created a film strip and an audio strip to torment his character. He scanned in some of the audio notecards upside down but when it all came out in the animation, he liked the effect, so he kept it. The audio partly reverses itself at one point, and then restores its own order.

Last night he saw a movie filmed in Butte, Montana by Wim Wenders.

Now it must be time for the Pome of the Day Project. It is all about him.

i may not have a body
i may have lost my hat
i think i am invisible
what do you think of that

i do not have a question
or even an address
i my not be a citizen
but i don't feel distress

i do not have an answer
i may not have a nose
i manufacture no such things
that others would suppose

i might just be transparent
i don't go very far
i am as much as i can walk
i do not have a car

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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