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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Dr. Zork is here again at last to report not on the jazz music which he loves and reports on with such critical acumen, but to instead report to you about the on-going animation practices of the fictional animator Akre.

Akre is at work on a feature length animated film called Wargoon Flishe. He considers this project something of a learning piece, a Lehrstucke. He is learning how to animate by doing this project and running into dead ends and learning from those dead ends by smashing his head into them.

Last night he worked on the great movie fiasco scene of Wargoon Flishe. He first scanned all the pictures that had flowers in them from his collection of old Life, Look and Saturday Evening Post magazines. Then he made somewhat of a set of the flowers, and then he drew and scanned in more flower-related images.

He discovered how close the usual cartoon flower looks like the cartoon explosion shape. The flowers had rounded spikes and the explosions had sharp spikes but they were basically the same, and he made several flowers go boom. He made a flower monster and made them all move and then he added them to his photo background to make several After Effects compositions to tell the story in a bit of a wacky way.

Then he rendered them. That is all. Now it is time for the Pome of the Day Project.

i turn purple
i want to scream
but i wake up
it's only a dream

the world has turned
me on my bean
no reason to fret
it's just a dream

the construction crew
unleash a beam
aimed at my head
but just in dream

i wake up and
the icebergs are cream
if only our crazy
were just a dream

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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