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Friday, December 08, 2006

scenes from a campaign

What is Wargoon Flishe? Wargoon Flishe is not a what, it is a who. Really, it is a what, a few squares with a nose. He has come to save the day, he has come to save something.

Wargoon Flishe is an audio book with moving illustrations. It is a child's tale of cannibalism. It is the primitive animation of the computer. It is the shapes of sound, the smallest mind. It is the mite without the mighty.

It is something that had to be done to see if I could do it. It is an illustration of how easy. It is left to all its mistakes, a painting of a lie, a sharpie pen party. It is movement and color and words. It is not a why, it is a simply what.

What does Wargoon Flishe mean in the larger matter of images of black marks and red marks and the loud sounds that make you notice. Nothing really, nothing. A snail's fastest trail race. A miniature child's nasty nose sculpture. A nice cartoon about cannibalism, mass murder, and marketing.


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