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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

premiere attraction

Dr. Zork here. What I have to tell you is another chapter in the animation chronicles of the fictional animator Akre. On Monday, he recorded his narration and voices for a new section, section 6 of 8. Monday evening he worked on a new set for his newest scenes.

His sets are really large Photoshop documents with layers for things to move. He made a collage that equals a movie theatre and the street outside and the sky above, and the flashing lights. He worked on this bit by bit, merging some elements and leaving some unmerged which were to be the layers that he was to move.

Yesterday morning there was no time for me to make a journal entry, but yesterday evening he was at animation work again. He made a long line of wealthy people walk the red ground up to the theatre, and made the marquee lights flash, and made the searchlights sway, and made a plane fly by with a banner to buy Target Dead.

He made the lights descend in the interior of the theatre and used a James Stewart movie poster, but this time it was Wargoon Flishe's head and he had two guns to fire out at the audience. He made the whole image go white for a frame to equal the flash of gunfire.

Now he is at work cutting together the narration he recorded a couple days ago. And now it is time for what all you poetry lovers have been waiting for, the Pome of the Day.

subject and predicate do not agree
the numbers are over their head
ideograms can't think of a single idea
and the words that mean "god" are all dead

the symbols have lost all the crispness they had
music has gone to the birds
signs are no longer bound to referents
and pictures don't mean all those words

the pages of books are filled with chicken scratch
and cannot be judged by the cover
the what and the who lose their power to ask
and each thing is exactly another

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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