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Friday, March 31, 2006


This is Dr. Zork here to report that there was more time for animation yesterday, and in that day the fictional animator Akre created the image of a new character, Stripesmaybe, the last major character to be introduced. He drew the parts on notecards, scanned them in and made them into Photoshop layers. He then set up a couple dialogue scenes where Wargoon Flishe talks and the scene where Wargoon first sees Stripesmaybe in the movie theatre.

Stripesmaybe's patented stripes were a Photoshop pattern that Akre made with parallel black lines. Stripesmaybe is the character who brings tenderness to the show, and her list of "Things that Quicken the Heart," an idea stolen from Chris Marker.

There was time for animation but no time for diary. So I will go from this cursory recount straight to the Pome of the Day project.

if i were a number
and you were a box
we could contain various specimens
or classify some rocks

if i were a bottle
and you the bottle cap
we could hold in all the fizz
or the secret treasure map

if i were an overcoat
and you were overshoes
we could dry up the rainy day
or dress up for a ruse

if i were a spaceship
and you the launching pad
at blast off we would separate
and that would be so sad

Written in sincerity and with fingers,
Dr. Hubert Zork


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